Friday, October 9, 2015


Ensler is urging me IN IN
Get in the sealskin
Swim, be in, be free
And I like the promise of that
It sounds lovely
But I live at bedlam and squalor with Waits
and whiskey
and sometimes I want OUT OUT
The noise is too great
and the water is all around
Abramovich lived with Ulay in that van for five years
and sat with each person for three months
She was. She is. ART ART
Lying under the sheets
Hands and hands and voices all around
And this is me
I am feeling it all HERE HERE
But then it’s too much
The pounding and the aching
The raw edge
The noise, all the noise
Bukowski was a failure
A genius and a failure
And hated people
and loved an audience
I want a cigarette
I want a kale smoothie
I want a tender stroke
I want rough sex
I want a him
I want a her
All and everything
That’s not too much to ask
I’m not too much to ask
Stop telling me I can’t
Stop telling me I won’t
It's my feet walking through the fucking fire

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