Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Memory of Now

April 4 - Poem 4:

The memory of Now

Remember that time
Right after Eddy died
When you got so sick
Remember 2015 when we were crushed by grief
Remember how we stopped talking because how do you
And remember how all our friends helped
And our parents came
And remember all those tests

And remember how we almost moved to Singapore
And then we planted seedlings
And remember waking in the night in searing pain
Remember how Betsy was so brave
And the kids were worried about the bees
Remember how the winter was eternal

But then it wasn't
Remember drinking tequila with Pedro
And a thousand games of Quirkle
And remember how it turned out that that's what saved us

Remember how we got the bikes out
And the daffodils bloomed again
And remember when Maya brought home her radishes
Remember how we didn't know which way was up
But we put seeds down anyway

And remember how they grew
And remember when the sun shown
And the wind blew
And remember how grief didn't leave
But it changed
And remember how I got better

I think so

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