Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stronger on the Inside

Inspired by Amanda Palmer's new song Bigger on the Inside and by these photos that say "Strong is the new Pretty" I am attempting to take my body back!

April 12 - Poem 12

Stronger on the Inside

As a fat person
I have to defend my eating
I have to brag about my exercise
I have to talk about it
I have to dress it
As a fat person
My weaknesses seem obvious
But you don't know
About me
As a fat person
You might notice the swing of my arms
Or the width of my thighs
But you don't know
I can bench press you
I can kick your teeth in
I can do fifty pushups
You don't know
I'm a fighter
I'm a wild lover
I'm passionate and courageous
You don't know how hard I've tried
To NOT be what you see
But I am big
I am bold
I am strong
And what's more
I am even bigger on the inside
So I'm gonna stop
Defending my body
My body is stronger than yours
And what's more
I'm even stronger on the inside

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