Friday, April 10, 2015

Get Help

I've been gifted with some incredible truth tellers in my life. These are friends who will have the honest, difficult conversation about you needing help. These are the people who have been there. These are the friends who will haul you out of your own battle with their own wounds. And they'll look in your eyes and give it to you straight. These people come into your life when you are ready to hear...or just before that, when you need to hear and you're not there yet and you need them to make it hard to say no. Here is my little ode to them.

April 9 - Poem 9

Get Help

Get help.
He told me while he cut my hair.
Get help
She said, sipping coffee in my chair
Get help
She texted
Call tomorrow
He requested
Did you do it?
Did you go?
It sucks at first
This we know
But just do it
Make the call
Get the appointment
Have the gall
We've all been there
And we know
But things won't change if you don't go
What's your hang up?
Why the shame?
We've all got issues
You're not to blame
A simple hour
And maybe new meds
And you'll feel better
You'll download your head
Just do it
Make the plan
Because we love you
Because we know you can

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