Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fall Risk

Today I had my scopes done to figure out what's wrong with me. In the hospital they gave me a "fall risk" bracelet. Marco suggested I wear it all the time. We started joking about me being a "drop risk" and "bump risk" as well. It inspired this poem.

April 7 - Poem 7

Fall Risk

Balance, they say.
Find balance.

But I'm standing on a precipice with nowhere to go but down
My belly is wobbling
My face is cast down
I'm teetering on tipping
I'm about to take a spill
Straighten up, they tell you.
Here's a few scripts to fill.

But my body is defecting
My mind a rabid boar
I'm uprooting and undoing
Sometimes I'm lying on the floor
Sure you know me dancing
You know my multicolored hair
You know my whirlwind cooking
You know I'll do a dare
Sometimes you might wonder
Aren't you too old to act this way?
Sometimes I'll agree with you, but
That day is not today

Eat healthy.
Go off dairy.
Get some help.
Wash in Epsom
Essential oils.
Eat kale.
Eat kelp.

Sure, I want balance.
I want strength.
I want stillness.
I want rest.
But I sometimes like disorder
I like absurdity
I like mess.
Even winter, and the darkness
Balances my summer self
While I hate the toll it takes
I'm not sitting on some shelf

I am better for complexity
I am better for the pain
I am better for the ups and downs
Of this Heather coaster train
And if I achieve balance
In some future far-off day
It better be with all of me
Or I'm not gonna stay

Life, you fickle bugger
Throwing us all for a loop
I'll take you, you wily bastard
On one foot with hula hoop!


Danita Lynn said...


Heather Minter said...

Thanks! Have you read the others? This poem-a-day project is turning into an interesting challenge for me...to write with a new voice, to try different styles. It's hard and fun!

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