Friday, February 6, 2015

I Scream, You Scream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for understanding

My eye hurts
Maya has a fever
Dave died on Monday
Corey was murdered two weeks ago
Eddy died in December
Wilson may go to jail
Patrick is gone
But my eye hurts
And that's the most occupying thought in my head right now
And Maya is sick
And I missed the field trip
And people I love are in crisis
And my freaking eye hurts with every single stinking blink
And my tea is cold
But it's warm inside
And I'm going to just watch a movie with Maya
Maybe I'll make us fresh, hot tea
But there is a heartbeat under everything
Boom, my friend is hurting
Boom, Denise is in pain
Boom, Betsy will be alone
Boom, Alex needs his dad
Boom, Carole is still hurting
Boom, why
Boom, because
Boom, no rhyme
Boom, no reason
But twenty degrees and my cold breath as I step outside
And the sky
And the billions of stars
And the expanse of the universe
A candle is burning
The scent is seeking balance
Maya's handheld microscope and little ice crystals
A lovely note from my sister
A great book
Boom, Love
Boom, Grace
Boom, Peace
Boom, Community
Boom, Love
Boom, Love
Boom, Love

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