Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stars Will Shine

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly earth-bound and heavy and all that barometric pressure gets me down, I like to remind myself that I am made of stardust. Every atom of my body came from a star that exploded millions of years ago. It gives me a sense of floating, of lightness and expanse. And every atom of my body will return to the earth and become parts of trees or an elephant or maybe, one day, spread far and wide and deep in the ocean. We are connected. Even today, this cool morning in August, as I sit on my parents’ porch listening to the wind, feeling the cold air blow across my skin, I am connected.

Here is a video of a song I found poignant today. I found this on Krista Tippett’s blog. I’m rather obsessed with Ms. Tippett and her show On Being. And now I’m in love with Laura Mvula.

“Hey there you, looking for a brighter season
Need to lay your burden down”

And this is a Rilke poem translated by Anita Barrows. It’s in the book A Year with Rilke: Daily Readings From the Best of Rainer Maria Rilke. It speaks to my feelings lately. It captures how what sometimes feels like being stretched too tight can actually be the place from which beauty and growth and strength spring.

On the Edge of Night

My room and the vastness around it,
awake in the oncoming night,
are one. I am a string
stretched taut
across the resonating distances.

All things are the body of the violin,
filled with murmuring darkness.
There, grieving women lie down to dream.
There the resentments of generations
surrender to sleep...
A silver thread,
I reverberate:
then all that’s underneath me
comes to life.

And what has lost its way
will, by  my vibrant sounds,
be at last brought home
and allowed to fall endlessly
into the depthless source...

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