Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Misery Loves Misery

The house is hot, I think you know
I probably mentioned a time or so
Saving money, saving trees
it’s this terrible economy
Open the windows as much as they’ll let
Blow the fans, feel the sweat
Old house, I hate you and your stupid roof
I love to be miserable, and here is the proof
Sweaty and steamy and stupidly sad
It’s his fault, I think. I’m fuming. I’m mad.
But yet I do nothing. I just sit.
In my little party of sweltering sweat.
It’s easy to say what needs to be done
Doing another, yet not as much fun
I’d rather just complain to these walls
how this place is much hotter than balls
And I have to work, poor little me
It’s harder for me than anybody
And my kids are really a pain in the neck
They’ve frazzled my brain. I am a wreck.
I’m mumbling now, did you hear what I said
I’m telling you how I’m miserably wed
Everything’s hard. Everyone’s mean
Nothing’s my fault. I am the queen.
Go jump in a lake? Is that what you meant
Geez I’m sorry. I just had to vent.
No, I won’t change a single thing
Misery loves misery. That is life’s sting.
I’ll drink this warm soda and sit here and melt
And I’ll tell you again just how I felt.

1 comment:

Sarah Dunning Park said...

Ha!!! Love this, Heather. And I identify with the concept: "no, I won't change a single thing..."

Can't wait to see you today!!

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