Friday, June 3, 2011

Designing My Life

Okay, enough with the grumbling about not having and wanting and not doing and wanting to do.  I've decided that I'm going to design my life.  I'm going to start planning for what I want my life to look like - what I would do if there were nothing impeding my path.  Here we go...the Top 10!

1.  I will have a glorious bathroom with this tub.

2.  I will go to culinary school and study pastry so that I can make these.

3.  I will open a store like this one - The Curiosity Shoppe...or maybe like a real-life Etsy.  Only I would feature a lot of local artists.  And it would also have a little mini cafe with the best sandwiches you ever had - and pastries, of course.  I would bake all the bread (or by then I'd oversee the baking of the bread).  And the menu would have a few great vegetarian options and my world-famous chicken nuggets that kids LOVE.  And there would be a place for live music (a little mini stage for singer songwriters to perform at my command).  And there would be a few smaller rooms with couches where book clubs could meet or women could open a bottle of wine and not talk about books.  I know - I'm trying to cram a lot of things - but this is my dream.  When there's not live music - I will play the playlists from The Folk Sampler.  I'll serve Monte Cristo sandwiches like this one:

4.  I will write a great book about life and existing that is both a best seller and critically acclaimed.  It will be something like Bird by Bird or Operating Instructions or Traveling Mercies - but with an atheist twist.  Yes, I aspire to BE Anne Lamott.

5.  I'll have a radio show where I talk to people about their thoughts on life - sort of like Speaking of Faith - but about philosophy and what we're all trying to do to get by - how that applies to parenting and social justice and neighborhood barbecues.  It'll basically be Krista Tippet's show On Being...only that won't have already existed and I'll be hailed as brilliant.

6.  I will sleep with this bedding.

7.  I'll learn to play the banjo so I can play like this guy - Chris Coole.

8.  I'll knit a lot more and learn to sew.  And I'll make myself cool things like this, and I'll look fabulous in them and people will beg me to make them some!

9.  I'll paint a mural like this on my wall.  I might do this soon.

10.  I will lose the last 20 pounds and keep it off.  Somehow I will do this while eating my chicken nuggets and Monte Cristo sandwiches and chocolate croissants.

Well, that's the beginning.  I better get started.  First order of business...get some damn sleep so I can start tomorrow.

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