Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Cooking?

I've been contemplating the idea of having a separate blog just about cooking and what we ate and how I used our produce, etc. I know there are a million of those out there. But I thought I could really be helpful about how I accommodated for smaller people, what was well received, what wasn't, etc. I spend so much time working on food that I thought having a little review session each week would be helpful. Plus, I always forget what I cooked and hardly ever repeat because I don't remember how I made it. It would be good for me to start recording that...

So, I figured I'd start by posting something here about my process. Below is a list of what I have coming through South Mountain Veggies and South Mountain Creamery and what I still have in the fridge and freezer. I'm also including any research I've done for recipes and ideas I have on how to use it. At the end of the week, I'll recap to show what I made and how it turned out, with pictures. Let's see how it goes!

Here's what's coming from South Mountain Creamery on Tuesday:
Chicken breasts - 4
Eggs - 2 dozen
Whole Milk - 6 half gallons (we're switching the babies to milk)

Here's what's coming from South Mountain Veggies on Tuesday night:
Romaine Lettuce, 1 head
Green Beans, 1 lbs (Everyone but me dislikes...ugh)
Broccoli, 1 bunch
Sweet Potatoes, 2 lbs (YES!!!)
Green Cabbage, 1 head (hmmm, coleslaw with bbq??)
Cherry Tomatoes, 1 pint
Red Beets, 1 bunch (yuck)
Apples, 6 pcs
Mix Color Carrots, 1 lbs
Sweet Banana Peppers, 1/2 lbs bag
Butternut Squash, 1 pcs (So excited...maybe soup or just steamed...hmmm)

Here's what I still have in the fridge/freezer:
Carrots I bought and from the garden
Fennel bulb
A few tomatillos from the garden
Fresh salsa (very hot)
Sour cream
Cheese (various)
Pizza dough
Salmon Patties
Burger Buns
Beans and Rice
Leftover Mac-n-cheese with broccoli
Bib Lettuce, 1 head
Yukon Gold potatoes, 2 lbs
Granny Smith apples, 6
Avocadoes - 3
Cilantro - 1 bunch

And here's my plan so far:
Braised Carrots and Fennel (yum) with leftover beans and rice (boo)

Lettuce wraps with chicken (loved by all previously) using the bibb lettuce and chicken

Salmon burgers with buns (banana peppers?), Salad, sweet potato fries

Butternut squash and apple soup? What will the babies eat?? Maybe steam some for them...

Enchilada Chicken Casserole (I already volunteered to make one for a fellow mom of multiples, so I'll make it for us too)
Apple crisp

Homemade pizza for the kiddos, Date with Marco for my birthday!!

BBQ with coleslaw (will need to buy pork butt...not sure what to do with the cabbage and beets)

Well, that sounds good so far. I hate planning ahead completely because I usually like to see what I feel like each day, but I also like having an idea of what I can do with all my produce. So, this is tentative. I'll see what needs to be eaten first and what will keep, etc. I'll keep you posted!! :)

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reneegrace said...

I never ate fresh beets... we started getting them from the Farmer's market. Here is how we love them. (and how you TOO can have pink pee) Cut greens off above beet. Throw beets WHOLE in the oven... for a long time :) 40 - 75... until the inside separates from the skin, kind of like whole roasted sweet potatoes. THEN cut up greens and saute in butter (and onion / garlic / whatever your taste). When the beets are done, remove skin and dice up beets and stir in with sauteed greens.

Even if you don't LIKE it, you'll dislike it less :).

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