Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day in the Life

The other day I kept track of everything that happened in my day. Enjoy. :)

5:20 am – Elliot wakes up and has a bottle. He goes back to sleep.
5:45 am – Zoe wakes up and has a bottle. She goes back to sleep.
6:45 am – Elliot and Zoe are awake. We bring them into bed. Zoe is miserable with the teething.
7:15 am – Maya wakes up cranky and crying. Great.
7:20 am – Potty, Change diapers. Argue with Maya over her incessant crying. Maya put back in bed for time out.
7:30 am – Breakfast together in the dining room. Everyone is eating cereal. Maya says, “Papi, isn’t this delicious?”
7:45 am – I take a shower. Maya stands outside the door screaming about wanting to watch a show.
8:00 am – Marco takes a shower. Try giving bottles to soothe a crying Zoe. Maya begging for juice. Drinks milk.
8:10 am – Get Maya dressed and sunscreened. She wants to wear the ballet bathing suit with a dress and a bow.
8:20 am – Begin making coffee (boil water, put coffee in cloth filter...)
8:25 am – Elliot pooped again. While I change him Maya is screaming and Zoe is crying. Ah bliss. 8:30 am – Maya begging to go to Josh’s house, watch a show, or draw. Zoe still crying. Elliot escapes onto the front porch.
8:45 am – Marco off to work. Maya is playing harmonica. Elliot attacks her, and she screams at him.
8:50 am – Take Maya potty and fix her hair. Get the Ergo on and load up Elliot.
8:55 am – Walk down to Josh’s for playdate. Drop off Maya.
9:05 am – Put babies to bed.
9:10 – Drink lukewarm coffee. Turn on computer to work on blog post. Really hoping the home repair guy shows up now (kitchen fridge is broken).
9:30 am – Zoe scream crying. Put pacifier in, and she goes back to sleep.
10:00 am – Zoe wakes up crying. Put on some teething gel and walk her around singing her songs. I am hungry and realize I never ate breakfast. What is healthy and yummy and easy to prepare with one hand?
10:10 am – Make and drink more coffee while holding Zoe. Also freeze grapes and OJ for popsicles. Have to take it all to fridge in basement.
10:33 am – Temp has reached 85 degrees. I turn on the AC.
10:40 am – Attempt to clean kitchen from breakfast. Zoe is screaming, so I have to hold her and walk her around.
10:55 am – Elliot is awake.
11:00 am – Maya comes home. She peed in her bathing suit. Everyone is crying, so we eat grapes on the floor for a “picnic”.
11:15 am – Everyone is wearing the strainer on their heads and laughing.
11:20 am – Take everyone to the basement play room. I empty the cooler. Maya pees on her dress.
11:30 am – While I’m gathering supplies for lunch, Maya traps Elliot in the cardboard house and makes him cry hysterically. Rescue Elliot and hold him. Carry babies and bottle of milk up the stairs. Maya shuts the door in my face. I get unreasonably angry and have to apologize. Bad Mom.
11:38 am – Oven on, Water boiling. Making white sauce for mac-n-cheese and baking some “nuggets”
12:00 pm – Maya goes to the potty and is gone for some time. I was trying to make the white sauce, so I didn’t check right away. When I opened the door she screamed at me, “I’M NOT DOING SOMETHING!” Even though I didn’t mind that she was brushing her teeth, I did mind the tantrum she threw because I opened the door. Time Out. Screaming continues, “I want my baby!!!”
12:10 pm – Everyone is starving and crying.
12:20 pm – Lunch is ready. Load everyone into place at the dining room table.
12:25 pm – Maya is loving her chicken. “I really like it, Mommy.”
12:30 pm – Maya starts melting down, “I don’t like the sauce!” “I want milk!” “I want blueberries!”
12:40 pm – Maya is pretending to sleep at the table after I threatened to put her to bed with no lunch. My parenting sucks. Babies finish their mac-n-cheese and eat tons of blueberries.
12:50 pm – Sears calls to tell me no one is coming to fix the fridge. My spirit dies a small death.
1:00 pm – Zoe is wilting. Carry her around while cleaning up lunch. Put her in bed to sleep. Maya goes potty. Screams when I find her putting tons of paper on the seat.
1:30 pm – Elliot asleep. Milk and stories with Maya
1:38 pm – Maya asleep. Starts raining, so I open all the windows and doors hoping it helps everyone sleep.
2:00 pm – Zoe wakes up crying in pain. Rain stops, and the humidity is unbearable.
2:15 pm – Put a suppository in Zoe. The tab breaks on her diaper, so I put one of Maya’s on top. Carry her around until she poops.
2:35 pm – Maya wakes up. She’s a crying mess, so I send her back to bed. She wakes up Elliot with her wailing.
2:45 pm – Spend 10 minutes changing Zoe while she is screaming and whimpering.
2:48 pm – Put Zoe in the Ergo so I can clean up. Maya wakes up and walks out to the living room. She says, “Boobs are private. Butts are private. Don’t show everybody.” What??
3:00 pm – Put on SYTYCD “Dancing Show” while I give the babies bottles
3:20 pm – Turn off TV and attempt to clean kitchen
3:30 pm – Set up Maya in the dining room to paint. Babies are happily playing with toys.
3:38 pm – Put on music, and we all start dancing.
4:03 pm – Maya is done painting (some painting on the table) and goes potty. I clean up paint stuff.
4:22 pm – Finally cleaning kitchen. Maya has a piece of “Papi’s candy”. Elliot and Zoe are playing happily in the bedroom. Constipation must have been bothering her. Glad she pooped. What to make for dinner?
4:25 pm – Everyone dancing in the kitchen.
4:45 pm – All hell breaks loose. Put Zoe in the Ergo again. Carrying Elliot. Maya is crying. Sometime Marco comes home.
5:35 pm – Marco plays with everyone while I make dinner. Salmon, Rice, Salad.
5:50 pm – Marco starts feeding kids. Then we eat.
6:30 pm – Start cleaning up from dinner and run the bath.
6:40 pm – Discover the bath mat in the trash. Call Maya in to ask why she threw it away. “So Elliot and Zoe don’t get it.” Don’t throw away things that are not trash. “Well, I folded it.” Indeed she had...neatly folded in the trash.
6:50 pm – I hate dishes. Now I know why the recipe said to use non-stick. Grrr. Poor some wine.
7:00 pm – Marco gives E&Z a bath.
7:04 pm – “Mommy, can I play playdo?” No. “Why?” I don’t want the mess right now.
7:07 pm – I find her playing playdo in the dining room. Put her in timeout. Grrr. Go back to cleaning.
7:23 pm – Marco finishes baths and takes everyone downstairs to the playroom. I keep cleaning. 7:45 pm – Maya comes to go potty. Wet underwear.
8:00 pm – Done cleaning and begin gathering laundry. Discover two dirty diapers in the clothes.
8:15 pm – Throw laundry in and go vacuum.
8:30 pm – More pee underwear. Find pee on top of the cooler where she’s put the potty seat.
8:40 pm – Bottles. Maya throws tantrum and takes off her diaper.
8:53 pm – Everyone crying. Went too late past bedtime.
9:15 pm – Everyone is asleep, finally.
9:22 pm – Marco watches TV. I get on Facebook and boil water for drinking the next day. We watch TV. I am stressed the whole time knowing I should go to bed...
10:45 pm – Zoe crying and inconsolable. Marco carries her around to comfort her.
11:01 pm – Zoe back to sleep. I finally go to bed.
(Zoe wakes up 5 times in the night screaming)

5:45 am - It all starts again...


Tifany said...

OMG! I love you that's all I can say..You are Super Mom!

Tifany said...

OMG! I love you that's all I can say..You are Super Mom!

kc said...

I got tired just reading that! So many people can relate to your life. I can't wait to see what becomes of your writing. You're unflappably authentic. I love it (and I love you!)

Madmousel said...

I feel exhausted and in dire need of medication. And all I did was read it!!!

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