Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I posted

It's been two months since I last posted something. Who knows if anyone will even read this thing anymore. I have actually drafted several but never posted one of them.

Let me sum up. It has been a busy whirlwind this summer. Marco finished up his MBA at Penn State FINALLY!!! My parents moved in with us. We had to finish a room in the basement in order to move Marco's sister down and make room for my folks. Then, after all this insanity, we decided to throw a party for 90 people in our backyard. I got a second fridge out of the deal which makes me quite happy. Beer anyone? We have so much leftover you would not believe.

I feel like I'm finally adjusting to having all these people around. I say this one the one evening when I am alone because Maya went to sleep early, my mom retired upstairs and Marco is working on something in the basement. Yeah, I can handle this crowded life. I tell you what makes all the difference in the world - a cleaning lady. It's the most comforting feeling to know that every two weeks my house will be completely clean without me doing anything. It is such a relief to walk in the door and have the house be clean. It makes me want to dance. And however pompous it is to have a cleaning lady, I feel I deserve it because I am doing two jobs and coordinate meals for six people every day.

All of this adjusting has made me a less than pleasant person these last couple months. Maybe that is why I haven't posted. I think I have been really hard on everyone - especially Maribel and my parents. I don't think I've made them feel very welcome. I know I have been testy and frustrated with people for not following my systems. But, at least as far as my parents are concerned, they really try so hard and always listen and try to do it exactly as I ask. Yet I still get all annoyed that they do it differently. I'm such a brat. I asked my mom if she is happy here, and she said, "Well..." which means no. I know that is completely my fault. And my mom even reupholstered this chair for us that turned out so great! Seriously, it looks almost professional. Once I actually decorate my living room, it will fit in perfectly.

In other news...

Maya is doing the most amazing things these days. She started walking at 9.5 months and is now running and climbing furniture. She climbed out of her crib and learned to open doors within the last two weeks. And she's started giving hugs while patting you on the bag and saying, "Awe". It is hilarious. She's still quite a dancer. If anything resembling music comes on, she starts to groove. Our friends gave her one of those cards that plays music, and she walks around with it all day opening and closing and dancing to "Mr. Roboto." I love it. The doctor even told us today that she is really advanced. Even though I know it is all going to level out later, there is this part of me that is so proud because of how "advanced" she is with her motor skills. It's just silly. I think in my head I already have her graduating at eleven from MIT. This parental pride is just ridiculous. But, seriously, my kid is awesome!!

Well, this is a random rambling, but at least I wrote something. Next time I'll get back to my usual posts and maybe even a post about mayonnaise for Bruce Parker! :)

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