Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sliding into Home

I have had more doctor's appointments in recent weeks than in the last few years combined. Seriously, I've tried to cram everything in before our insurance switches over. I won't bore you with the details. I will just tell you that I FINALLY got treated at the pain clinic. And it seems to be working. I'm still constantly anticipating pain, but it truly seems to be gone. I'll probably go back in for another injection to clear it up completely, but, for now, I've gone from about a 95/100 to a 20/100 on the pain scale. That is remarkable!! I truly think the rest of the aches and pains are a result of inactivity. Once we get back from our trip I plan to start up yoga 3 or 4 days a week. I think that will help everything.

Now if I could just get my wee child to sleep through the night...I might actually begin to resemble at least a shell of my former self. I am starting to feel a bit more robust within. I'm getting more done and seem to have more control of my faculties and access to more memory. I think I must be sleeping better if not longer.

I'm still exclusively pumping. Now I've gotten it to where I pump just three times a day. Any Lactation Consultant will tell you that is a big No-No when pumping. But if I had to pump 8 times a day, I'd lose my freaking mind. This works for me. I'm not decreasing my milk supply, and we're all happier. Maya gets fresh squeezed boob juice, the best in the land. Mom feels good about providing for her child. Dad feels good about that and about the major cost savings. We priced formula recently. It looks to be about $150/month. Wow, with all my effort, I should get to take that money and do something really fantastic with it at the end, don't you think? That's a savings of almost $2000 for the year. I could do some damage with that kind of money. Damn.

Needless to say, I opted to go with disposable diapers. I think I'd be in local lockup if I'd attempted cloth with everything I've had to deal with in recent months. I'd like to say we're using biodegradable, but we're not. We're using Costco's Kirkland diapers. They're super cheap and work really well. I like them better than Pampers now. Pampers have a funky sweet smell to them...totally unnecessary. We use Costco wipes as well. They have no alcohol and work well. Maya loves getting changed. It's her favorite thing. She pulls her little legs up and smiles away. I think she's like her mom - she loves being naked. She's starting to enjoy baths even more - splashing about. It's so fun. She's at that stage where she's really interactive and fun and so in love with us. She positively beams when she sees either Marco or me. It gives you the most amazing feeling inside...that a person can love you so immensely and want you so badly.

Well, I do have to go pump and get to bed. More soon.

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