Monday, November 12, 2007

Finally - a break in the clouds

It’s amazing what a decent night’s sleep can do for your entire outlook on life. I got one, the night before last. And I rested the last two days. I did no housework and virtually no business work. I just hung out with my daughter, my husband and his family. We ate and did karaoke and walked in the woods. It was bliss. Of course, there’s no escaping the dreaded pump, and those bottles don’t wash themselves. But all in all, I feel so much more positive about life. Nothing has changed. I just feel a little bit more capable of handling my load. And even the pumping is getting easier now that I’m finally beating the thrush and have decided to use the pumping time to do some stretching. It feels so much more productive that way. I look ridiculous, but I kill two birds and get on with my day. Plus, I’m only pumping three times a day.

We’re driving back from Columbus, OH now. It’s sunny. The hills are beautiful. I just had me a delicious Cow Tale I picked up at the last gas station. And, we have two months until our big trip to Mexico. Excitement will keep me going. Marco’s poor mom kept trying to get us to focus on planning the trip, but it didn’t get done until last night when Monica and I finally sat down with a map and a calendar and plotted where and when we’d be going each place. Our map was this foam puzzle they had that was, I’m sure, not accurate at all. Monica and I would say, “Well, since we’re going to Guanajuato, why not swing by Michaocan.” Then we’d run our idea past their dad, and he would explain where the roads went and how long the trip was. We would laugh and say, “Well it looks close on here.” But the silly map was helpful nonetheless – especially for me. Monica at least knows here way around, just not the best roads. It’d be like asking someone from California the best way to get from Chicago to Memphis.
So, we are headed to Mexico for New Year’s Eve. By we I mean Marco’s parents, his sister, her husband and two kids (ages 1.5 and 3.5), Me, Marco, Maya and my parents. It’s going to be one hilarious, annoying, insane trip. We start off flying in to DF (Mexico City). We stay there for three nights. Marco’s grandmother lives there, so we’ll all be staying in her house, somehow. We’ll spend the days in DF visiting friends and checking out some of our favorite places in the city. We’ve never been down there all together. I’ve never been there with Marco’s folks, and Marco and Monica haven’t been there with them since they were very young. Mexico City, by the way, is one of the coolest cities. There are huge art installations all throughout the city. The food is incredible. There are canals with gondolas and gorgeous squares with huge markets. I love it so much. Unfortunately, my parents won’t get to see too much of it. They arrive the day before we leave there. Then we head out on our big adventure. I won’t go into detail until afterward, but we plan to visit Quereterro, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, and Veracruz. The last few days will be spent in Veracruz, at the beach on the gulf coast. Maya will be big enough to play in the water. It should be warm. I can’t wait. She has no idea how much fun she’s going to have. New Year’s Eve will be spent in Aguascalientes with Marco’s whole extended family, where the party starts at midnight. We’ll have a Mariachi, Tequila, Dancing, Food and so much singing. His whole family sings and gets up with the Mariachi to sing. It’s incredible, and I can’t wait. My folks are going to love it. Poor Maya will probably be sleeping through it all, but we’ll show her pictures later.
That’s enough about the trip.

Now, about my girl. She’s so stinking awesome. I’m so glad I got her as a kid. She’s already so funny and different and makes us laugh and smile. I know everyone thinks their kid is great, but, seriously, they have no idea. They never had Maya as a child. She can take them all, hands down. She’s just started smiling and loves to do it all the time. I have this theory that she’s really tired of being a baby. When you put her on her back or hold her cradled in your arms she struggles to try and sit up. She prefers sitting straight up or standing. It’s so funny. If you hold her hands she’ll pull herself almost up to sitting and then can easily push herself up to stand. She’s 10 weeks old this week – don’t you think she’s a miracle child?!! You can see her dying to move around. She’s so frustrated that she can’t control her hands or make her body move. In tummy time she spends the whole time trying to move herself forward with her feet. But she’s not got the arm strength to hold herself up completely, so she just shoves herself into the ground. I would be irritated if someone made me do that too. But she handles it pretty well. I think she’s disciplined like Marco. She sees the goal of moving, so she works at it. She’s really that smart. And, she’s already talking and singing. She’ll talk back and forth with you, when she feels like it and only with one word, “Goo”. But this morning, I was singing to her, and I swear, she was trying to sing with me and was smiling away. Of course, this was at five in the morning. She loves to be extra cute when we’re the most tired of all. But one cannot resist the cuteness of this kid. She’s just so damn kissable. And she gets prettier and prettier. She was looking like more of a Fred than a Maya, but her eyelashes are long now and she looks more and more like a pretty girl. I’m debating the ear piercing. There’s a lot of pressure on the Mexican side of the family for me to get them done. I think it will just depend on the cost. She’ll look cute either way.

Yeah, I know I’m a proud Mama. I love that kid so much. I find myself just longing to get to know her more and more, like she’s the cool kid in school who I desperately want to be my friend. I feel sometimes like I’m snuggling up to her rather than the other way around. She sleeps in bed with us at some point most nights, and when she does she just lies there like another adult on her back with her little blanket all tucked in. There we are, just the three of us, on our backs, lying there sleeping in a row. I think she thinks she’s a grownup. She’s definitely the boss so far. She shouts, and we do what she says. She shouts, “Neh!” and we run to get a bottle. She fusses, and we get her into whatever position she wants. She’s not too much of a crier, but when she does, you better do what she says. Of course, I am the mom, so I do know better on most things. But she can be completely unreasonable when she’s mad about something. I have tried to explain the need for the car seat like a million times, and I always remind her that she’ll be happy once we start moving. But she does not like getting into it, and that’s that. Right now she’s sleeping away with no complaints. I’m sure as soon as we pull into the driveway she’ll throw down and demand a bottle and a diaper change “This Instant!”
Things have been rough going in many ways. The breastfeeding never really took off, so I’m pumping and bottle feeding. I’ve been battling chronic pain of the hips and pelvis and don’t sleep well, aside for the obvious baby reasons. In order for us to get by financially I have to work, and that has been hard to get used to. My mom has been a gift and has helped out so much. Still though, it’s fairly overwhelming to try and care for Maya and work and take care of the house and feed and keep us in clean clothes. But today I feel good. Today my baby has been smiling at me and singing with me and being the coolest kid on earth. And Marco gave me the gift of sleep. Our little family is just rolling along.

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