Thursday, November 29, 2007


When I was eight years old I would lie in bed before going to sleep and think about being married and having babies. I would squish myself over onto one side of my twin bed to make room for my husband. I didn't know about sex yet, so that had nothing to do with it. I just loved the idea of being so close to someone, of not being alone in my bed. I longed for that intimacy. Maybe it was because we were in mission training and my parents were both so busy with their linguistics classes and my sister (my roomie) was getting married. Maybe it was because I'd been so smothered with attention since birth that I didn't know how to be alone. For whatever reason, I had a longing that never ended.

I had no idea what that would truly mean.

I do love the closeness. I love to climb into bed and snuggle up with my two favorite people in the whole world.

I love to hear Maya breathing in her little close sleeper.

I love that she sleeps better being right next to me. I love that it's easier to feed her at night and comfort her. I can't imagine putting my tiny little baby off in a room by herself when I am snuggled up with Marco. I am totally in love with the entire situation...

except for one thing.

Those two characters are so loud!!

I sleep in the middle, between a snorer and a sniffling slurper. And I'm a light sleeper, even lighter with the pain I've had. If I wake up at night to feed Maya or to go to the bathroom, it is so hard to go back to sleep. Marco I can make roll onto his side. He'll usually quiet down. Maya doesn't speak English, so she's a tougher customer. I try to explain that it's time for sleeping, and I try to settle her wriggling and slurping with my hand on her tummy. She usually does settle, but I lose those little patches of sleep every night.

You may be wondering about the slurping. Don't I mean sucking? Nope. My dear child, my sweet girl does not suck her thumb or her fingers. She prefers to hold both hands up to her mouth and loudly lick them with a sort of slurping sound. This gets rather aggressive when she's tired or upset or starving to death. But she does it all day. It's really quite funny...

except at 4 am when I'm trying to go back to sleep!!!

I love my co-sleepers. I love my little Team. I truly believe we're doing the right thing for her and for us, despite what others may think. And we're getting into more of a routine and sleeping longer and deeper. Well, except tonight. :)

For more information on co-sleeping, check out Dr. Sears' website. I love his approach to many things. He's extremely supportive of co-sleeping and breastfeeding and provides so much information for free. My pediatrician is not so supportive (I'm looking for another), so I really enjoy Dr. Sears. He refers to it as night parenting.

Dr. Sears Info on Co-Sleeping

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