Monday, May 14, 2007


So, I discovered a little thing that made me feel better about myself.

I look better pregnant than Salma Hayek!

I heard she was pregnant, so I googled to see how far along she is. Now, never mind that she's engaged to this stinking rich French guy and is extremely successful. She looks terrible.

Take a look:

And her husband owns Gucci and all these fashion labels. You'd think she could find some better fitting, better looking maternity clothes. Geez. And she looks huge. I gotta say, that makes me feel a lot better.

I guess I should post a picture of my pregnant body to be fair. You'll have to wait until Marco gets back from Atlanta and can do a photo shoot. But, just imagine, I look better than Salma!!! (hehehe)

In other news, our dear friends, Dan and Laura, gave me the cutest gifts yesterday. They found this outfit and toy at Gymboree. I haven't done any baby shopping yet, but I now know I'll be checking out Gymboree. Such cute stuff!!! I mean, look at this little outfit they bought for our daughter - can't you just see her brown little body hanging out in this yellow number when it's all hot when she's born.

And check out this hilarious donkey they found. It is so perfect. I freaking love it!!

I'm thinking of decorating her room with an outrageous pink and black and white theme with little paintings of animals hung around the room. I'll paint them as though they are famous people or friends of hers - portrait style. Included will be a nice portrait of the donkey and the monkey bank my sister gave us. I want a zebra print rug and black and white and pink bedding. My mom is going to sew the bedding stuff, so we need to go pick out fabrics. That should be fun. I think I might go buy paint tonight and start the room. It would be fun to surprise Marco when he gets back. Maybe Maribel can help me. Marco's sister is coming to stay with me for a couple days.

Now I'm excited. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

This post is completely random!!!


kc said...
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kc said...

Not random at all!
You started with Salma Hayek and ended with a decision to paint the baby's room.

Salma Hayek starred in Frida, as Frida Kahlo. Salma. . . paint?

When you think of it this way, your blog framed by a simple and precise connection. Far from random; in fact, good job!

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