Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Diaper Debate

Tomorrow is the big day for our mid-way sonogram. I'm 21 weeks now, which means I'm 5 months and half way. Yeah, it's 40 weeks/10 months. It's not very exciting for those of you who haven't been pregnant yet. You end up using this weird sort of clock that no one else knows is going on. 21 weeks??!! What is that?

Anyway, now that we are officially into the second half and heading toward birth, there are many things to consider. I'm going to post them here in case anyone wants to tell me their thoughts, criticisms or ideas about these things.

  • First topic: Diapers
  • Second topic: Autism and Preventative measures
  • Third topic: Parenting (eeek!)
  • Fourth topic: Breastfeeding and Boobs
  • Fifth topic: Working motherhood

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there will be more.

So, diapers...

I began doing some research on diapers. I'm interested to hear what you think. I know we're probably crazy to get into cloth diapers, but they seem like the cheaper, safer and more eco-friendly choice. Since we're getting a lot of the big items from family, I was thinking we can register at one of the diaper sites and have people buy those for us.

Article on debate between cloth and disposable:

Breakdown of different types of cloth diapers on the market:

According to the estimates by the diaper service, you go through 60 diapers a week. That makes sense. It seems like you go through more cloth diapers than disposables each day. If you estimate 8 - 10 changes a day, then that would add up to 56 - 70 diapers a week.Therefore, the costs are laid out below.

gDiapers (the flushable inserts)
$52 for 160 flushables ($0.33 per diaper change)
Plus purchase of cloth outer pieces.

Cloth Diaper Service
$70 for 4 weeks of 60 diapers a week ($0.29 per diaper change)
No purchase of diapers required.
Uses only the folding kind of diapers.

Cloth Diaper Home Washing
Hard to estimate the cost of home washing but should be much less.
Need to purchase far more cloth diapers
Have slightly smelly house/bathroom.

From what I can tell, the Cotton All-in-ones seem the most convenient and healthy. You can also get them as a one size that lasts as the baby grows. I suppose we could try a few different kinds and see what works best. I logged on to some mom chat sites that basically made me think everyone had their own opinion. Let me know your thoughts.

Know anyone with cloth diaper experience?
Can anyone tell me about how much they spend on disposables each week/month?
Are we seriously insane to think we can do this and work?

Please lend any information or advice you have!!!

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