Thursday, February 8, 2007

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My kid's first run in with the paparazzi happened yesterday, and, as any true star would do, Bean attempted to ditch the cameras. He was squirming all over trying to escape the dreaded flash of the ultrasound machine. Makes you wonder if it's really unpleasant for them or hurts their ears or something. Despite this fact, I want to do it all over again. It's like a window into what's happening in there. Does that make me a bad mother - willing to cause discomfort for my kid for my own pleasure?? Well, it's not like there's anything I can do about it. It's not like I'm married to Tom Cruise and can buy my own sonogram machine. Or could I...

It was an emotional experience. I felt as though I were seeing someone I desperately loved for the first time in many years, and I was wildly waving about to get their attention. But they couldn't see me and then they were gone. It made me happy and sad at the same time. Bean is all alone in there in a sack of fluid. I wish I could hug him and tell him everything will be okay. It definitely gives me a closer feeling to my kid and more of a desire to sing and talk and play music and create a happy environment in my body for the little guy. It's got to be kind of lonely and silent in there. I guess that is natural and healthy and best for baby. It just sounds a little sad to me. Well, at least he/she's got me to keep them company. Watch out, Little Beaner, it's not going to be too quiet any more.

Marco pointed out that you can definitely tell that this kid is his. I mean, he's wearing a freaking sombrero (click on the picture to see a better view)!! Explains why I can't get enough refried beans these days. :) It doesn't explain my desire for all food Middle Eastern. Mmmmmm falafel...

We won't find out the sex until 20 weeks, which sucks. I want to know NOW. Of course, I want everything now. Of course, there's usually a reason why I have to wait that turns out to be much better than I could have imagined, but I still am built with haste in my blood. Who are you little person? Who will you be? What is your name going to be? That is the big question.

Here are some ideas...not in any particular order:

Xochi (Aztec word for flower)
Neva / Nevita / Nevia

Conrado (as middle name)
Eliseo (as middle name)
Luca / Lukas

Any ideas?? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Little Beaner already looks perfect! He/She doesn't know how lucky he/she is to have such a great mom!
-KatieKjomeCollins :)

Shana said...

I always thought Xochitl would be a lovely name for a girl, but my husband pointed out that since I can't pronounce it correctly, it probably wouldn't be a good idea...

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