Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's a good thing I have an English Degree from William and Mary

I finished my delicious book on Tuesday morning (yes, before work). As mentioned before, this is a sad day. Fortunately, I had looked up the author to discover she had a sequel out. I swiped my forhead with the back of my hand dramatically, Whew. We were expecting a snow storm, so I was desperate to get to the book store to pick it up. The office closed early because the roads were getting treacherous. However, I knew I had to make one stop on my way home. I was so excited. I managed to get a perfect parking spot. I ran through the falling sleet to my church, Barnes and Noble. It was warm and wonderful. I knew what was waiting for me. The fiction section is on the top floor. I couldn't get there fast enough. I rushed in, searching for Meyer. Ma, Me, Mei...Mi. Wait. Where is Meyer? I read the names carefully and determined that this fabulous novel must be out on some display somewhere. I went to the counter and asked for her to search. She looked confused after reading her screen. "It should be there." She started to move away from the desk, in another direction. I was a little confused. She lead me over to another wall of books. I realized then that she's brought me to Teen Fiction. I was thinking it must be wrong. I say as much. "I'm surprised this book would be in Teen Fiction. It's very mature." All the while my brain is going through the nature of the book. Yep, it is all about a teenager. Yep, it's all about a romance. Yep, it's definitely a fantasy. Yep, it definitely lacks any adult themes or language. My complete obsession suddenly seems juvenile. While this is sinking in, she is not able to find the book on the shelf. And then, all my embarrassment fades away and is replaced with sheer panic. "Do you think it's on a display somewhere? I mean, the other book is there." I'm looking at the shelf, scanning for New Moon. Where is it? Am I really going to have to wait? Am I really going to live through the snow day without the next book? Desperation is just about to kick in when she walks around the corner with the book in hand. A wave of relief washes over me. Thank God. I'm looking it over lustily as the attendant goes back to her post. I'm just about to leave when another thought occurs to me, "I wonder what other good books are listed under Teen Fiction..."

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kc said...

This is a funny story! You should read EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Katie has my copy but maybe she'll send it o you. It's really good.

(But it's an adult-book, so no rush. .. )


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